track by track - mayday parade [:

  1. Oh Well, Oh Well:
     this was the first song i heard off the album (as it had been released quite a while before) and it took a while to get into it, i’m not even going to lie. at first it didn’t seem like anything special, it didn’t have that infectious bubble gum sound that ‘anywhere but here’ did, but it was still a mighty pretty song. but i think it was the lyrics that eventually make you fall in love with it. oh well, oh well is not your typical first single off the album. it’s bittersweet, and beautiful, but not something you yearn to listen to.
  2. No Heroes Allowed:
    this really got me going, it’s slightly faster paced, the chorus is a little droney but it’s enjoyable. it’s cute and boppy. can’t get enough. 
  3. When You See My Friends:
     probably just about one of my favourite songs off the album. it made me fall in love with mayday all over again, it just gets to you :3 in the most emotive way. three days on repeat, dancing and singing along by myself. that is how much this song makes my day (‘:
  4. You’re Dead Wrong:
    can’t get enough. it’s beautiful. it’s the very essence of mayday parade. there is no fault with this song <3 
  5. Priceless:
     the further into the album you go, the better the songs go. this song just brings a smile to my face :3 i know it really shouldn’t be, but this is the one song that doesn’t feel so bittersweet and leave me with an aftertaste. admittedly, it’s not as strong as some of the others, but it’s a good listen.
  6.  Stay:
    this was one of the songs i’ve obsessed over off this album, to be perfectly honest. it is my favourite. simple as. the bridge is perfection, this song is the reason i listen to mayday parade. 
  7. Call Me Hopeless, But Not Romantic:
    another incredible song, kinda like priceless in the boppiness, but just.. better. 
  8. A Shot Across the Bow:
    this song.. wow. wow. wow. musically, it’s incredible. listening to it will always put you in this beautiful mood where it feels like nothing can really bring you down. and the lyrics are the story of my life, from both his and her point of view.. if we’re honest here. but i love it. everything about it. getting worked up just thinking about it now :D it’s the kind of song that makes you smile guiltily, then next second, you’re smirking at the genuinely horrid things he’s saying. then you’re crying, then laughing yet again! ahhhh <3
  9. Everything’s An Illusion:
    hard to describe what this song does, it’s not a particularly strong or moving song in comparison to some of their older ballads. but it’s still beautiful. and genuinely passionate. it puts you in the moment (:
  10. I’d Rather Make Mistakes Than Nothing At All:
    i like this song. that’s about it. it makes me smile. it’s so simple and easy to relate to. mayday really should be proud of this track.  
  11. Without the Bitter the Sweet Isn’t as Sweet:
    i must admit, it is just so beautiful and haunting, you feel like you’re falling apart with him while he sings it.. <3 most quotable song on the album.
  12. Happy Endings are Stories That Haven’t Ended Yet:
     nothing special, to be perfectly honest. still a great song, still an enjoyable listen, and i still adore it. but.. it could be better. they could have ended on a better song.

even if it’s dark, at least we’ll be together.